An Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Bible Story






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Loss, Pain, and Rotten Friends

Faithful, rich, proud daddy Job

Was God’s servant, true and deep.

He had three girls and seven sons

And donkeys, camels, sheep.


Job had so much and was so good

It came as quite a shock

When Satan took Job’s wealth away,

Each camel, ox, and flock.


Worst of all, when Job was broke,

A party tent collapsed

And killed Job’s daughters and his sons,

But Job’s faith never lapsed.


Job tore his robes and shaved his head

And said, “Oh woe is me!”

Such nasty sores covered his skin

He scraped with pottery.


His wife, who should have helped him out,

Just said, “Curse God and die.”

But Job said, “God deserves our praise

Even when gifts run dry.”


While Job was suffering, His three friends

Were supposed to soothe his pain.

Instead they said, “It’s your fault, Job.

You must deserve the blame.”


Then his friends said, “You’re a worm,

A sinner, and a fink.”

Finally, God said, “Job’s My guy,

And, as friends, you three stink.”


“Job,” said God. “Pray for these fools,

And for your sake, they’ll live,

And then way more than what you lost,

I’ll gladly to you give.”

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