Hairy Sayings




It's amazing how many sayings there are about HAIR.

Won by a hair: Barely won. The boys were only inches apart the whole race, but Oliver won by a hair.

A hair short: Almost enough but not quite. Julia was a hair short of having enough money to buy a monkey.

A hairy situation: Things are bad, confusing, and tough to fix. When Mrs. Jervis stepped into the wild classroom the day before Christmas break, she knew she was entering a hairy situation.

Hare: A close relative of a rabbit. The hare hopped happily through the garden.

Hair-raising: Super scary. Last night's movie, Attack of the Dentist Who Gives Math Homework, was a hair-raising film.

Hair stood on end: Was really scared. When a Martian jumped up from behind the couch, Carlos's hair stood on end.

Get in someone's hair: Be a pest. I tried to work all night, but my little brother kept getting in my hair.

Let your hair down: Relax. Instead of worrying, why don't you let your hair down for a change.

I'm washing my hair: A fake excuse girls/women sometimes use for not going on a date. "Sorry, Billy," said Monique. "I'm washing my hair that night."

Splitting hairs: Pointing out teeny tiny, unimportant differences. So what if their pizza has one more pepperoni than ours? You're just splitting hairs.

Tearing your hair out: Angry or extremely frustrated. King Cormac's son Horace got in so much trouble that the king was practically tearing his hair out trying to make him behave.

Hair-trigger temper: Gets upset really easily. Be careful what you say to Penny. She has a real hair-trigger temper.

Fair-haired boy: Someone who is treated as a favorite by people in charge; kind of like a teacher's pet. The best soccer player for three years straight, Blake was Coach Kilroy's fair-haired boy.

Bad hair day: Your hair is a mess today and there's nothing you can do about it. No matter how many times I comb it down, it just pops back up. I'm having a total bad hair day.

Hairy-tailed mole: A North American mole that has a hairy tail. "Look, Ma, there's a hairy-tailed mole on the kitchen table!"

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