Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Fun

Congratulations! You made it to this page! The links below will take you to poems from Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Bible Stories, pictures, recipes, science fun, and whatever else I felt like putting in.

A Word of Warning: A son who makes dumb choices makes his dad miserable, and a girl who argues all the time is like a loud, leaky faucet. Proverbs 19:13 (excerpted from Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Bible Stories)

Fortunately, there are only smart choices to make here, and there's no need to argue. If you don't like one choice, come back and choose another.

Now take your pick, 

and you will find 

some oddball stuff 

to tease your mind.

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Or for a story called "Loss, Pain, and Rotten Friends," click here.

Or for a short video about the book, click here.

Or if you like clicking for no reason, click here.

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