Icky Stuff

You and I both know that there's all sorts of icky stuff out there: your dad's tennis shoes, spit, that lumpy brown "meat" they serve in the cafeteria--you get the picture. 

Still, since I bet some of you actually like icky stuff, you can click here for recipes for homemade slime, goo, and goop. But first, read this icky story:

Death by Worms


Herod the king was a very proud man

Who doubted that Jesus had risen.

He’d ordered the killing of John’s brother James

And tried to keep Peter in prison.


One day, Herod stood to make a long speech,

Wearing clothes with fancy gold trim.

After saying big words, he sat on his throne,

While the crowd shouted praises to him.


They called him a god, but he did not blush—

Herod actually thought he deserved it.

So at once God’s angel struck the king down,

And he was eaten by worms and digested.

Story and picture are excerpted from Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Bible Stories, text copyright © 2011 Jonathan Schkade (Concordia Publishing House). 

Unless otherwise indicated, text is copyright © 2011, 2016, 2017 Jonathan Schkade. All rights reserved.