Scary Stuff

    Each of us is afraid of something: heights, shots from large needles, looking 

dumb, dogs that yap really loud. No matter what our fears, God is stronger 

than any of them and can protect us when we are most afraid. To read more 

about different fears--some silly, some serious--click here.

     Now, it's time for a story about some guys who were scared, scared, scared!

Chickens of the Sea

Christ Jesus said one evening,

“Let’s go across the lake.”

So He and His disciples twelve

Chose their boat to take.


While Jesus snoozed beneath the stern,

The boat began to shake.

The waves grew large; the wind roared past.

Afraid, the Twelve did quake.


The water filled the boat till they

Thought it would sink right down.

Terrified, they woke up Christ:

“Do You want us to drown?”


Jesus called to wind and sea,

“Peace! Be still, I say!”

And just like that, the water calmed.

The storm had gone away.


“Have you no faith?” He asked the Twelve.

“You guys are so not brave.”

They asked themselves, “Who is this man

Who commands wind and wave?”

Story is excerpted from Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Bible Stories, copyright © 2011 Jonathan Schkade (Concordia Publishing House). 

Unless otherwise indicated, text is copyright © 2011, 2016, 2017 Jonathan Schkade. All rights reserved.