Sticky Stuff

     While sticky stuff comes in all colors, shapes, and smells,  my favorite sticky stuff by far is food, so after you read the sticky poem below and peek at the sticky pictures on the side, click here to get some sticky recipes.

Mucking Around

Jeremiah the prophet spoke clearly God’s words

Of death and destruction to come.

But some in the city did not like that news

And plotted to have him undone.


They grabbed Jeremiah and took him away.

They tossed him into a deep hole,

A place where he sank in the mud and the muck,

With escape an impossible goal.


Ebed, the king’s man, found out what they’d done

And asked for help from the king.

The king said, “Go get him. Don’t let the man die.”

So Ebed grabbed rags and a team.


Ebed’s team of men ran off to the pit

Where the prophet was wasting away.

With rope and with rags, they pulled the man out

With a plop from his long muddy stay.

Story is excerpted from Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Bible Stories, copyright © 2011 Jonathan Schkade (Concordia Publishing House). 

Unless otherwise indicated, text is copyright © 2011, 2016, 2017 Jonathan Schkade. All rights reserved.